The Quick Start Challenge: An introduction

Why I signed up for the Quick Start Challenge

I have been trying to get an internet based business running for some time now, with all the usual distractions in the past.

Fortunately at the end of last year I came across my mentor and coach Mr Dean Holland, and have successfully established a presence in the Internet Marketing niche.

Quick Start Challenge

Why did I get involved?

I heard that my coach, Dean Holland and his friend and prior colleague, Craig Crawford had teamed up again for the 2017 iteration of The Quick Start Challenge.

The programme is designed to take someone from nothing, to making $100 per day, in just 30 days? Yes, you read that correctly, from zilch to your first $100 in a month.

I decided that I had to get involved because:

  • I needed to regenerate the enthusiasm I had earlier in the year
  • To explore a different aspect (or sub niche?)of the Internet Marketing niche
  • AND I would be supporting a worthy cause – donation made to children’s charity

Therefore without hesitation I decided to sign up.

The first week

The first webinar, held yesterday, was an introduction to the four week training, outlining what was to be covered over those weeks.

And we also found out about the weekly challenge, yep every week there is to be a challenge. Well let’s face it, the title is ‘The Quick Start Challenge’.

You guessed correctly, the first challenge is to set up a blog, so following the teachings I have dived straight in – the tidy up will be ongoing…….


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