Into the New Year: Off to a good start?

Well the New Year has started,

but not so good so far.

Hi, and welcome back for the New Year. We have not had a very good start to this year so far. My wife lost her nearest sister just as the work on the kitchen started, the funeral was set for soon after and did not allow us time to make arrangements to get the necessary visa to travel. We were not able to go.

As the building work was completed and I had also finished the decorating I decided time was for a visit to my mum. On the day of travel my sister informed me that my mum had had a fall, her condition was not clear but a GP was supposed to be seeing her. Had to travel quickly. Fortunately she was just bruised, left arm and buttocks, but it had been a heavy fall.

Progress, strategy and utility

It is no good mopping about, have to get the covers off and back into it.

Utility - clear the wraps
Improved kitchen under warps

Remember the Quick Start Challenge (QSC)?

Have to get the sleeves rolled up and back into it.

Remember what it was all about?

That is correct, getting your business up and running. So it is back to basics, get grafting.

Revisit your strategy.

Here are five strategies that have proven themselves effective over and over again.

Strategy #1 – Search Engine Optimisation
One of the best internet marketing strategies to help you market your product or services is search engine optimisation. This marketing strategy focuses on optimising your site to be best found by popular search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Before you can make this strategy effective, it is important that you understand how search engine optimisation works. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, it may be best to hire someone to help you with this type of marketing.

Strategy #2 – Newsletters
Another internet marketing strategy that has proven to be successful is e-newsletter marketing. This type of marketing works by allowing site visitors to sign up for your emails. Then, periodically you can then send out newsletters updating them on your business and making special offers to draw them back to your site. If you choose to use this strategy it is important that you only send these newsletters to those who sign up for them.

Strategy #3 – Pay Per Click Ads
A very popular form of internet marketing is using pay per click ads, which are both easy to use and cost-effective as well. You can sign up with various search engines to have your ad show up as a result for specific keywords and you will only have to pay if people click on your site. Many have found this internet marketing strategy to be one of the most effective strategies available. Limitations on spend can be set initially, scaling up as and when the strategy proves successful.

Strategy #4 – Link Exchanging
A newer internet marketing strategy is link exchanging. This strategy basically works by having various websites exchange links. You can ask another site to provide a link to your site, and in return you will put a link to their site on yours. This works to be mutually beneficial for both businesses, and while it provides more web traffic, it can also help increase rank on search engines as well.

Strategy #5 – Web Banners
Web banners are another type of internet marketing strategy that has been proven to be very effective. This strategy requires purchasing space on other websites such as e-zines or other sites that may be relevant to your business. In the space you purchase your ad will appear and you will benefit from the traffic of that site being interested in what you have to offer.


Each of these internet marketing strategies have proven to be great strategies that brought results for other people. When choosing which of these strategies to use, be sure that you pick strategies that fit the nature of your business. There are many methods of internet marketing, but if you are new to the business, often using the tried and true methods can bring the best results.

The final choice may depend on what budget you have available.

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End of year 2017: New Year and Location

The cabin is complete: Just need to move in

Hi, we finally have the log cabin office completed, started last time. Just need to move in now and get everything set up and in place for the New Year. There is a lot of space and potential for several desks – admin, main and creative. Just need the time to set it up.

Break down of the work

Weekend snow
Snowfall, surprise

This is how we started out, snowfall over the weekend delayed the delivery and installation by a day…..

Clean the concrete then install the base and floor.

The base
Base for log cabin

Then bring round the logs that make up the building.

Looks a bit like some sort of puzzle, or child’s construction set.

Start laying out stacks of pieces. No sign of a plan or blueprint so far. Perhaps they have made a

New Year puzzle?
Puzzle pieces…
It's coming together
Well underway now

few of these before.

Doors and windows have channels ready for the walls to fit. Makes for a simple installation.

The cabin was completed in a day, just left the electrics to be sorted out.

It proved difficult to get someone to do the electrical installation, they were quite busy. I made a temporary setup to give some power in the cabin and to allow for limited heating. After a couple of weeks the electrical installation was completed.

I decided to lay a bamboo floor, which took me three days to lay. Just as I was finishing off with a photograph the

Floor in place
Bamboo floor done

inspector came round.

Everything is now complete, ready to move in.






Lessons for the New Year

This activity demonstrates that for success you need a strategy, the goals that you need to accomplish for the future. These goals may well change over time, better understanding of these goals and measurement of accomplishment will feedback into these adjustments.

The plan, is how you will accomplish these goals and set the appropriate measure for success.

I will be spending time setting my strategy and plan for the New Year, I will be here to pass on my thoughts next time.

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Digital Marketing Articles – End of November 2017


Hi there,


Had a big goof last week, the links did not work. It was my fault, when setting up the options I missed unticking a box, this week should work fine.


Let’s start off with some predictions for Digital Marketing in 2018 from


7 Bold Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2018

Every year around this time I take a step back and to ponder some predictions for our field for the coming year. Some come to be, others are a few years early – and then there are predictions which I’…

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And a look at some of the challenges to be faced….


Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Marketing in 2018

Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Marketing in 2018If you made it through 2017 now is NOT the time to let your guard down, there are plenty of new challenges for your digital marketing strategy in …

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And here the solution for 2018 and the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) is the old favourite, SOCIAL MEDIA.


The Most Effective Digital Marketing Method…

Marketing Your Business on Social MediaWhen you think of digital marketing, social media is probably the first thing that springs to mind. Social media is so globally popular these days that any busin…

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Lastly, some practical advice, ‘do just one thing, and get it right’ sums up this article.


Digital Marketing Not Working? Here’s Why… – Storm ID Blog

You’re on Facebook, you boost posts, you engage on Twitter, you have an AdWords account, you blog 4-8 times a month and you’ve even got email automation for your newsletter and sales process. But stil…

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Interesting Articles


Hi, Brian Charles Jowers here,


I am trying out a new tool, which should help me to create new content for the blog. We will see how I get on with it as to how usefull it may be. This first post is to bring together a few articles I have found that may be of interest to you.


Enjoy the read, let me know what you think in the comments box below…



Are you looking to transition your existing business to digital, then check this article…


How to Transition Over to Digital Marketing

For many businesses that have been around for a while, the idea of digital marketing causes angst. On the one hand, digital sounds great! Things will be faster, automated, and you’ll be able to keep u…

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This is an interesting survey of 44 experts, see the intro –


As 2017 draws to a close, we thought we’d ask a group of hand-picked, industry experts, which digital marketing channels they’ve seen the most success on throughout the year.


So, what’s been the most effective digital marketing channel in 2017?


The response was overwhelming, with 44 respected marketers taking time out of their busy days to share thoughtful, insightful – and in some cases surprising – observations.


Interestingly, SEO remains the favored marketing method of many digital marketing experts, with 30% of our contributors choosing it as their most effective digital marketing channel. A further 12% of experts found their best results using SEO in combination with another channel, such as social media, influencer, and content marketing.


Social media marketing proved to be the second most popular channel, with 23% of our experts choosing one of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, as their digital marketing weapon of choice. Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn proved to the most popular social media platform.


The third most effective digital marketing channel in 2017 according to our expert contributors was content marketing, with 20% of experts preferring this channel over any other.


See the full article below


44 Experts Reveal The Best Digital Marketing Channels of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we thought we’d ask a group of hand-picked, industry experts, which digital marketing channels they’ve seen the most success on throughout the year.The response was overwhelm…

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And a final article..


Clever Digital Marketing – What to Do and What NOT to Do

Growing your online presence and fostering more conversions and sales is all that your e-Commerce brand needs. Presenting to you – Digital Marketing! I’m sure I don’t need to define it to you but I su…

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Brian C Jowers

Decision Day: Quit

Today is my D Day:
Quit day job

Hi there folks, Brian Charles Jowers here, today is my Decision Day (D Day). I have had enough of travelling and working away from home, so I am going to work for myself, at home for a while.

What brought on Decision Day?

As I have said elsewhere, I have been contracting for nearly two decades, most of which has been miles away from home. Also, as a contractor I felt sort of obliged to work, only taking long weekends (working the required hours in four days) and a week or two at the end of the year. Minimum week would be three days.

I had been reflecting for several days:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Do I really want to get up before 4:00 am every Monday?
  • Do I really need to drive over 160 miles to get to work?
  • Do I really need to stay away from home during the week?
  • Etc

So the time had come to make a decision, probably the biggest decision I have made for some time.

Felt like I had been working there all that time…lots going on with family and at home so made the decision not to renew the contract: the equivalent of quitting from a permanent job.

The Bigger Plan

I have always wanted to work nearer to home, the opportunity to do so has become even less these days. This, has come about with a general contraction of the defence industry, together with restructuring and company acquisitions, making the available jobs further away.

Why not work from home?

Now, that is a good idea, just need a business set up, simple!

Why not set up the business now?

Brilliant idea. I am not currently going to work could take two or three months before having to look for another contract. Need somewhere with plenty of space, current office space is cramped.

I have this homemade summer hous at the bottom of the garden, set within a deck area.

Summer house and decking
Homemade summer house

It would take quite a bit of effort but….

Takes a lot of effort…

…. here is the base for a log cabin.


Concrete base
Ready made base

All ready to go:

  • Need the log cabin
  • Power connection
  • Broadband connection

And will be all set (and of course tidy up the garden)


Until next time…

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Successfully completed: Quick Start Challenge

Success with QSC Completed:

Still plenty to do though

Hi, Brian C Jowers here, it is nice of you to drop by and check up on my progress with the Quick Start Challenge, see the last blog post.

It has been a very busy 4 (now 5) weeks and the training has been completed, but it has been well worth the effort and a success all the way. I have been able to consolidate my knowledge into a practical application, and even a future product, maybe.

What did the Quick Start Challenge cover?

The QSC was setup to create (from scratch) a system that was capable of generating sales of $100 per day; within a 30 day target period.

This was to be 4 training webinars, a Question and Answer webinar and a Facebook community for peer support and encouragement.

Here is a brief breakdown of what we did during the challenge, on a week by week basis.

The first week

The premise for the course is that participants have been ‘doing an online business’ for some time, could even be for a decade or more with little returns. The shiny objects, courses, must have eBooks etc. have probably cost more than anything they have earnt on line.

This challenge is the means to change this NOW.

‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten’

What we know is Change is automatic, like the weather (Here in the UK this is very true)

However, PROGRESS is not automatic, we need to take control, and action to see real progress. This formulae is the key:

TM + EP = Faster Success

TM = Time Management

EP = Effective Planning

The introduction then went on to show:

  • how we can manage our time to give effective planning
  • how the internet has changed
  • what we need as our foundation

The first week completed with the setting of the challenge for the week.

The second week

OK, so we now we know how to build a website, what shall we do with the visitors, we need to know who they are because:

  • We want our own traffic we can control
  • An audience to communicate with when we want to
  • Able to send traffic on demand
  • We can make money on demand

This is why we want an email list

To get subscriber details we will need an opt in page, which traditionally led to a confirmation or ‘thank you for signing up’ page. This is not good enough these days.

The NEW approach is as follows:

Opt In Page      This page now offers a ‘bribe’ for opting in, acquiring leads. It has to be something of value, but essentially FREE.

Connection      This page creates the connection with the new subscriber
                           Delivers value and builds trust
                           Delivers the promised ‘bribe’, OR explains how to get it
                           AND has a call to action (CTA) as the final step
Money Page    The CTA leads to where you can make money
                          An offer for a paid entry level product, that ideally leads to higher value sales
The second week is again completed by the setting of a challenge.

The third week

OK, so we have captured a few email addresses, what to do with them?

We need to give them value to build the audience so that they come to know, like and trust us. Lets face it, you only buy from your local shop because you have built a relationship with them. You may even know the proprietor and even the staff, any bad encounters, shoddy goods or grumpy staff would have put you off.

What do we email about?

  • Valuable content / promotions  a mixture, too many sales promtions will lead to unsubscribers
  • Keep it simple, and not too long, occasional lengthy useful content can be of benefit
  • Share content across different media blog/videos/social media
  • Share your journey and experiences
  • Most important – be YOU

BUT, we can automate the sending of the emails. An autoresponder will send the emails out on a daily basis, we just need to provide the sequence of emails in advance. AND, keep adding to the sequence.

That is week three completed, except for the challenge.

The fourth week

The subject here is traffic, people, visitors to our site, but NOT just anybody.

What we want is the ideal visitor (a buyer), this is ‘Targeted Traffic’ for our offer.

Completed - now for traffic
We need people

If someone had an interest in “cats” they would not be interested in an offer for “dog training”, getting someone in front of an offer that they are interested in is an opportunity to make money.

This leads to traffic temperature classification:

COLD traffic      – Does not know us

WARM traffic    – May know or heard of us

HOT traffic        Knows us, likes us and trusts us

The hotter the traffic the better the quality and the more likely to buy from us.

The other consideration is how the traffic is obtained

  • FREE – paid with TIME rather than money
  • PAID – paid with MONEY

Examples of FREE Traffic include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging
  • Video marketing
  • Forum marketing
  • Podcasting

Examples of PAID Traffic include:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Email buys / Solo Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Ads

The first challenge was to consider what your traffic option would be.

The next webinar gave a recap of the free and paid traffic methods and delved into the need for a ‘Traffic Strategy’, and how to measure its effectiveness.

The free tool, Google Analytics is popular and the ‘Google Analytics Dashboard for WP’, a WordPress plugin is a useful way to monitor from your WP dashboard.

Once the example traffic strategy had been completed, the next challlenge was then issued.

Finally, we had a lengthy training in how to create a FaceBook Ad, this was a very welcome bonus for all participants.

Completed and the BONUS

The bonus training showed how this foundation that we have just built can be deployed to take your business up into $1000 per day, even multiple thousands.

But, I now have a blog site set up as per the QSC training, a solid foundation for a business with a $100 per day turnover, that is an average YEARLY salary in any ones money.

All we need now is a first product, something to attract potential customers, something that is FREE is the best, but having a solid value. How about something irresistible, over an hour of video training on how to setup your first sale and a strategy for your business, click here for The Perfect Offer.


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How are you progressing?

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The Quick Start Challenge: An introduction

Why I signed up for the Quick Start Challenge

I have been trying to get an internet based business running for some time now, with all the usual distractions in the past.

Fortunately at the end of last year I came across my mentor and coach Mr Dean Holland, and have successfully established a presence in the Internet Marketing niche.

Quick Start Challenge

Why did I get involved?

I heard that my coach, Dean Holland and his friend and prior colleague, Craig Crawford had teamed up again for the 2017 iteration of The Quick Start Challenge.

The programme is designed to take someone from nothing, to making $100 per day, in just 30 days? Yes, you read that correctly, from zilch to your first $100 in a month.

I decided that I had to get involved because:

  • I needed to regenerate the enthusiasm I had earlier in the year
  • To explore a different aspect (or sub niche?)of the Internet Marketing niche
  • AND I would be supporting a worthy cause – donation made to children’s charity

Therefore without hesitation I decided to sign up.

The first week

The first webinar, held yesterday, was an introduction to the four week training, outlining what was to be covered over those weeks.

And we also found out about the weekly challenge, yep every week there is to be a challenge. Well let’s face it, the title is ‘The Quick Start Challenge’.

You guessed correctly, the first challenge is to set up a blog, so following the teachings I have dived straight in – the tidy up will be ongoing…….


To keep updated complete the following…..