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Let’s start off with some predictions for Digital Marketing in 2018 from


7 Bold Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2018

Every year around this time I take a step back and to ponder some predictions for our field for the coming year. Some come to be, others are a few years early – and then there are predictions which I’…

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And a look at some of the challenges to be faced….


Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Marketing in 2018

Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Marketing in 2018If you made it through 2017 now is NOT the time to let your guard down, there are plenty of new challenges for your digital marketing strategy in …

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And here the solution for 2018 and the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) is the old favourite, SOCIAL MEDIA.


The Most Effective Digital Marketing Method…

Marketing Your Business on Social MediaWhen you think of digital marketing, social media is probably the first thing that springs to mind. Social media is so globally popular these days that any busin…

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Lastly, some practical advice, ‘do just one thing, and get it right’ sums up this article.


Digital Marketing Not Working? Here’s Why… – Storm ID Blog

You’re on Facebook, you boost posts, you engage on Twitter, you have an AdWords account, you blog 4-8 times a month and you’ve even got email automation for your newsletter and sales process. But stil…

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