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Google Play Store seems to be down for many users. The affected users are apparently getting a server error while accessing Google Play Store from their Android devices. A large number of users who encountered the error raised complaints on Twitter and other social media channels. However, Google is yet to confirm the outage. The issues are majorly reported by mobile users, while the Web version of Google Play is working fine. The outage is also not limited to one market and appears to impact a large number of users across a number of regions.

“The Google Play Store seems to be down completely. Can’t update or download new apps,” one user tweeted from the Unites States.

Apart from the US, the issue has seemingly affected a large number of users in many European markets as well as in Asian countries, including India. One of Gadgets 360 team members is also facing the issue while accessing Google Play on his Samsung Galaxy Note 9. However, the issue is not occurring for all Android users.

Google play store server error?

— bakol pisau (@rasndeso)

@GooglePlay has stopped working on @HuaweiMobile or its only internal error of play store

— Tahir naqash (@Naqashfeed)

Majorly, Google Play Store is giving a server error and is not allowing users to download or update an existing app. Some of the affected users confirmed that clearing the cache and data stored by the Google Play Store app doesn’t help and the error persists.

Don’t worry tweeters… you’re not the only one…
Playstore down#GooglePlaydown#PlayStore

— Vaishnav Jois (@Vaishnav_Jois)

@GooglePlay Hi! I’m having problems with accessing google play store. I keep getting a server error and a button to try connecting again. It shows “server error, retry”. I did all troubleshooting and additional steps. Even installed an older version from an apk. Nothing works.

— (@ghefelyn)

As per the information available through online outage monitoring website DownDetector, Google Play is having connectivity issues since 7:29am EDT (4:59pm IST). The website received nearly 1,500 reports of the service failure for users worldwide.

We’ve reached out to Google for a comment on the outage and will update this space as and when we hear from them.

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