Decision Day: Quit

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Today is my D Day:
Quit day job

Hi there folks, Brian Charles Jowers here, today is my Decision Day (D Day). I have had enough of travelling and working away from home, so I am going to work for myself, at home for a while.

What brought on Decision Day?

As I have said elsewhere, I have been contracting for nearly two decades, most of which has been miles away from home. Also, as a contractor I felt sort of obliged to work, only taking long weekends (working the required hours in four days) and a week or two at the end of the year. Minimum week would be three days.

I had been reflecting for several days:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Do I really want to get up before 4:00 am every Monday?
  • Do I really need to drive over 160 miles to get to work?
  • Do I really need to stay away from home during the week?
  • Etc

So the time had come to make a decision, probably the biggest decision I have made for some time.

Felt like I had been working there all that time…lots going on with family and at home so made the decision not to renew the contract: the equivalent of quitting from a permanent job.

The Bigger Plan

I have always wanted to work nearer to home, the opportunity to do so has become even less these days. This, has come about with a general contraction of the defence industry, together with restructuring and company acquisitions, making the available jobs further away.

Why not work from home?

Now, that is a good idea, just need a business set up, simple!

Why not set up the business now?

Brilliant idea. I am not currently going to work could take two or three months before having to look for another contract. Need somewhere with plenty of space, current office space is cramped.

I have this homemade summer hous at the bottom of the garden, set within a deck area.

Summer house and decking
Homemade summer house

It would take quite a bit of effort but….

Takes a lot of effort…

…. here is the base for a log cabin.


Concrete base
Ready made base

All ready to go:

  • Need the log cabin
  • Power connection
  • Broadband connection

And will be all set (and of course tidy up the garden)


Until next time…

Meanwhile, keep up with what is happening here..

How are you getting on? I would love to know how you are getting on, any difficulties you have overcome?

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