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Reporting on week 3 of QSC

Hi there, Quick Start Challenge week three is soon upon us. We have got well into it this week, sorting out the brickwork, if you like, that is the main part of an internet business. The opt-in / thank you page combo, details further on.

Personal challenge this week?

This weeks personal challenge was the funeral. I had arranged for two days

Mum in good health

of, the Monday & Tuesday, but still needed to be there before for the last minute arrangements and to meet the other members of the family. Also, I had to deliver the eulogy, which I needed to write.

The weather the weekend was awful, lots of rain, no fun driving. On the day the weather was absolutely beutiful, bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Even the sun had come out to celebrate her life.

It was a special day for the family and friends…..

Week 3 of the QSC

This week we are looking at how to build a list, The List Building Engine. As mentioned the first week, traffic is the last step, we need the foundation and a stable platform first. This is what we are building:

  • Lay Foundation
  • Income Streams
  • List Building Engine
  • Automated Income Machine
  • Online Traffic Tap

Why do we need an email list?

This is your audience, the people that are interested in what you are doing. These are your potential customers. The people that listen to you, that you can talk to when you want to, not limited or controlled by some other traffic source.

In the IM market place there is a saying ‘the money is in the list’, this is the reason why. You will have your traffic that you are in full control of.

The mechanism to create this list has changed, see below.

 What is the List Building Engine?

The original technique was to have an opt-in page with a thank you page. A sort of give them a gift with the left hand, offer product with the right.

The List Building Engine takes this further and is made up of three parts:

Opt in Page

Has something that you are giving away, a lead magnet. The action is completed when the email address has been accepted. Which leads to

Bridging Page

A two step process that delivers the lead magnet (or confirms how it is to be delivered). PLUS a link to the offer (on the money page), the product you are selling as an affiliate or your own product. Ideally both of these products are related.

Money Page

The sales page, affiliate or own product.

And this weeks challenge?

Make your own List Building Engine. Simple really, sounds straight forward but is a challenge.

Have to go now, until next time…..

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