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Belated report on QSC week 4

Hi, got knocked a bit sideways after mum’s funeral. Trying to catch up with things as I have been absent for a while.

Personal challenge?

I was admitted to hospital coughing blood. Spent a total of five days in the hospital before they would let me out. Have been out of the hospital about two weeks now, feeling better but still low on energy though. Treatment is continuing as an out patient.

Back to work at the day job as well. Trying to get back into everything, gradually.

Week 4 of the QSC

What was week 4 all about? It seems so long ago.

Quick recap on week 3, simply ‘bridge pages’ see the last blog post for full details. List building, a key process that you will require.

So, now we have the process using the bridging page to create a list of emails. What do we do with them?

Automated Income Machine

We are going to need an automated  system to make, and keep, contact with the list – our subscribers. Or what we  should refer to as our audience, followers or tribe.

We need to nurture them so that they will come to Know Like and Trust us.

There are two possible ways to do this:

  • Broadcast messages
  • Automated follow ups

Automated is the answer, works even when you are sleeping. You have an autoresponder? NO!, well click here for convert kit.

With  an autoresponder  you can set up messages to be sent when the new subscriber signs up (whatever time of day or night that may be) and send follow up messages at predetermined times and days.

What to write about?

Remember, the purpose of these email messages is to get your audience to Know, Like and Trust (KLT) you. So, don’t bombard them with all the latest affiliate offers, but give practical and useful content. Tell them about you, give them some funny stories. And, some occasional promotion offers.

Generally  mix it up.

And this week’s challenge

The challenge for the third week is to set up an email sequence in our autoresponder. The sequence is to contain a minimum of 7 emails following the guidelines given.

Importantly, check that when subscribing that the first email is received by the new subscriber.


Final week activity asap.

Have to go now, until next time……

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Continuing: How to start your business

Reporting on week 3 of QSC

Hi there, Quick Start Challenge week three is soon upon us. We have got well into it this week, sorting out the brickwork, if you like, that is the main part of an internet business. The opt-in / thank you page combo, details further on.

Personal challenge this week?

This weeks personal challenge was the funeral. I had arranged for two days

Mum in good health

of, the Monday & Tuesday, but still needed to be there before for the last minute arrangements and to meet the other members of the family. Also, I had to deliver the eulogy, which I needed to write.

The weather the weekend was awful, lots of rain, no fun driving. On the day the weather was absolutely beutiful, bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Even the sun had come out to celebrate her life.

It was a special day for the family and friends…..

Week 3 of the QSC

This week we are looking at how to build a list, The List Building Engine. As mentioned the first week, traffic is the last step, we need the foundation and a stable platform first. This is what we are building:

  • Lay Foundation
  • Income Streams
  • List Building Engine
  • Automated Income Machine
  • Online Traffic Tap

Why do we need an email list?

This is your audience, the people that are interested in what you are doing. These are your potential customers. The people that listen to you, that you can talk to when you want to, not limited or controlled by some other traffic source.

In the IM market place there is a saying ‘the money is in the list’, this is the reason why. You will have your traffic that you are in full control of.

The mechanism to create this list has changed, see below.

 What is the List Building Engine?

The original technique was to have an opt-in page with a thank you page. A sort of give them a gift with the left hand, offer product with the right.

The List Building Engine takes this further and is made up of three parts:

Opt in Page

Has something that you are giving away, a lead magnet. The action is completed when the email address has been accepted. Which leads to

Bridging Page

A two step process that delivers the lead magnet (or confirms how it is to be delivered). PLUS a link to the offer (on the money page), the product you are selling as an affiliate or your own product. Ideally both of these products are related.

Money Page

The sales page, affiliate or own product.

And this weeks challenge?

Make your own List Building Engine. Simple really, sounds straight forward but is a challenge.

Have to go now, until next time…..

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How to get started with an Internet Business: The basics

Following on from last week, QSC

Hi, now in The Quick Start Challenge week two and how hectic everything has been outside of the course. The trick is to get started, and continue with your vision. This week had a different aspect to it, in some ways something you would not necessarily consider at this stage of your business. But, is worth reviewing at regular intervals, see further on.

What has been the challenge this week?

This weeks personal challenge has been getting he details of the service sorted out. Such things as the actual order of service, content and images approved by family members. Whilst completing the day job duties, quick discrete phone calls as necessary.

One problem was the music, identified the piece but it was not a ‘public’ recording – alternative had to be found.

Week 2 of the QSC

Week two turned out to be something different, but never the less fundamental for you in setting up your business. An open question ‘Why are you doing this’ and ‘What do you want out of it’. You need to be able to answer these questions:

  • Why you have started building an online business
  • What you want out of your business
  • What is your dream life
  • What is your monthly income goal to make it happen

Giving serious thought to the answers to these questions will give you the insight and wherewithal to overcome the hurdles in front of you.

Lets have a look at these questions.

What is the dream life?

How would you like to live? Where would you live? What sort of house do you want?

The answer will be determined to a certain extent, by your circumstances. Possibly for a younger person they may be able to move anywhere in the world. They have no current ties and have a lot of freedom of choice.

Whereas for an older person would perhaps have family ties, and would want to stay near to children and grandchildren. Their current house may even be adequate for their needs, and looking perhaps to have a better or more modern car.

Why I have started an online business?

Are you looking for a part time job? Giving up your current job?

That is do you want to supplement your income, or have a business that covers all your costs.

Or want to work from home, having spent a lot of time away from home, and got fed up with all of the travelling etc. One of the commonest reasons for starting their own business is to be your own boss.

What I want out of this business?

This question is answered in part by the above. The ability to live my dream life. But, fundamentally I want to live my life. To have the freedom to travel when and where I want to (working for a company means having to follow rules about having time off etc).

What is the number (monthly income)?

If you just plucked a figure out of the air then you might say 10,000 per month, or 100,000 per year. This figure would have no real meaning to you as there is no basis for it.

Once the above activities have been carried out properly then  the number can be properly calculated. The number then has more significance and a personal meaning.

Having done the research for the above you would now have a good idea of how much you would need to fund this life. Your number is the amount you need to make to live your life.

If you are looking for physical things, then put up some pictures/photos of what you desire near your computer

The Internet Marketing Evolution

Dean then gave us an insight into how Internet Marketing has evolved over the last decade. The reason why affiliate income has decreased and the subsequent drop in income.

Prices have dropped to a tenth of a decade ago.

A tripling in advertising costs.

More about this in a future blog….

This weeks challenge?

This weeks challenge is the Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge, what is your number?

Have to go now, until next time…..

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Just received a kick in the pants, signed up for this year.

Need some motivation to get you working?

Hi, it has been a while now since I posted on this blog. I know I should not have gone quiet for so long, but had a few personal problems to sort out as well as family issues. I just needed a kick in the pants, read on to find out more.

I quit my freelance working as I was getting rather fed up with all the driving and having to stay away from home. Then my mother’s health deteriated further, requiring her to go into a nursing home, and the resulting costs.

She passed away peacefully the end of August, together with my sister we have been sorting out her affairs and making arrangements for the funeral next week.

Ii is about 125 miles to where mum and my sisters live, so it can make things difficult doing the arrangements and clearing her old place.

What form was the kick in the pants?

I signed up for the Quick Start Challenge 2018. This is what I needed to get me going again.

The first webinar was middle of last week, right in the thick of it. It is going to be difficult for me for the first two weeks, but it will give me the inspiration and motivation to get things moving.

This first week set up the basis of what we are going to be doing

Week 1: Foundation

We laid the foundation for essentially, a long term successful business. How to establish yourself online quickly. This is valid whether you are a complete newbie or been trying for several months/years.

The first thing is to create a WordPress blog, and their is a full set of video training on WordPress. Full details from installation through correct setup and even how to write a blog post.

Week 2:

Is going to be all about list building

Week 3:

How to set up automated income generation

Week 4:

One word for this TRAFFIC, several strategies covered.

Have to go now, until next time…..

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P.S. If you are wondering about the picture? It is the wedding party after the wedding ceremony in Baghdad, Iraq at the air force base in 1952.
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The Quick Start Challenge: An introduction

Why I signed up for the Quick Start Challenge

I have been trying to get an internet based business running for some time now, with all the usual distractions in the past.

Fortunately at the end of last year I came across my mentor and coach Mr Dean Holland, and have successfully established a presence in the Internet Marketing niche.

Quick Start Challenge

Why did I get involved?

I heard that my coach, Dean Holland and his friend and prior colleague, Craig Crawford had teamed up again for the 2017 iteration of The Quick Start Challenge.

The programme is designed to take someone from nothing, to making $100 per day, in just 30 days? Yes, you read that correctly, from zilch to your first $100 in a month.

I decided that I had to get involved because:

  • I needed to regenerate the enthusiasm I had earlier in the year
  • To explore a different aspect (or sub niche?)of the Internet Marketing niche
  • AND I would be supporting a worthy cause – donation made to children’s charity

Therefore without hesitation I decided to sign up.

The first week

The first webinar, held yesterday, was an introduction to the four week training, outlining what was to be covered over those weeks.

And we also found out about the weekly challenge, yep every week there is to be a challenge. Well let’s face it, the title is ‘The Quick Start Challenge’.

You guessed correctly, the first challenge is to set up a blog, so following the teachings I have dived straight in – the tidy up will be ongoing…….


To keep updated complete the following…..