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Hi Brian here, latest news and updates.

I have been very busy of late. In the process of launching my Internet Marketing online training platform, This site is expected to be fully functional about the end of this month. At the time of writing we have two products available. New products will be added over the month. If you find a problem with the site please let me know so that we can fix it.

Meanwhile working on getting access to some IM tools and resources, depends how good a deal I can negotiate as to how this will be delivered.

Lastly the holiday season here is coming to an end. Schools are all starting the new academic year. Business is starting to settle down again into its own routine. I need to get back into the swing again.

Until next time….

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How Effective Is List Segmentation?

Follow on from last post, where we introduced the concept of list segmentation.Lets have a look at how effective list segmentation is?

How Effective Is List Segmentation?

If you want to multiply your email marketing conversions you need to get more targeted subscribers, plus send more targeted information to them based on who they are and how they got on your list. The best way to do that is to use email marketing segmentation methods.


According to the Direct Marketing Association, almost 80 percent of return on investment comes from, segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns.

Eighty percent. This is a very big number in terms of email marketing statistics. It’s important not to undervalue the meaning of this. This means that if you haven’t set up tagging, behavioural triggers, and other ways to segment your audience you can improve your conversions many times over just by doing this.

Just by doing something that you can automate you can make a huge difference in your return on investment. In other words, you can put this process on autopilot and see a great improvement in your email marketing results simply by using list segmentation.

Of course, it’s imperative that you understand the best ways to segment your audience before you do it. The best way to figure this out is to look at your customer buying cycle. Seek to segment your list members based on where they are in the cycle. You can do this using behavioural triggers and tags. Only segment in other ways when you know exactly why you’re doing it.

Another stat, this one from Campaign Monitor, states that each dollar spent on email marketing generates 38 dollars in return on investment. This is tremendous. This puts email marketing solidly in the lead for return on investment above all other marketing categories. No matter what anyone says, the money is still in the list.

Make use of your autoresponder

But, you can get a lot more money out of your list if you’re using basic and sound segmenting. Most autoresponder software like your Aweber or Get Response already offer the native the ability to set up segmentation of some kind. This will include tagging, or the ability to create sublists that will enhance your marketing efforts.

When you consider that a little more than 1/3 of online marketers aren’t segmenting their lists. That leave a lot of possibilities for you to command the marketplace by putting segmenting at the top of your priority list. Thankfully, with today’s technology, you can add segmentation in later for your old school list that will do wonders for your return on investment.

Round up

List segmentation is extremely effective because people like to feel important. They like to open an email and feel as if you can read their mind. If you set up different email series to run based on your customer’s behaviour and where they are in the buying cycle they will respond in amazing ways. So, yes, the answer is that list segmentation is very effective and every single person who has an email list should develop some sort of segmentation to help improve conversions.

I will continue with the subject of list segmenting next time, until then….


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List Segmentation, what is it about?

Hi Brian here again, how are you doing? I have had some queries about the topic of segmentation, people have been asking is it something I should be doing? How do I go about it? What is it, what’s involved? So here we go with an introduction.

What Is meant by ‘List Segmentation’?

Lets’s get started.

First a definition

Segmentation means to break up something into smaller pieces or elements.

For email lists this means:

This means categorising, or breaking it up into different groupings so that you only address particular groups for better responses and conversions.

The reason is that you can tailor your email series to that one type of person on your list. It’s very effective because people like reading messages that make them feel special, and addressing their interests

Let’s look at some examples

Demographics This is a typical way to segment your audience, but it might not be the type of segmentation that you need. For example, it might not matter if your audience is male or female for your product or service.

By Location Sometimes, you may want to segment by location so that you can market something to them based on where they are in their own language if you’re running an international business.

Social Media Connections Segmenting list members based on how you found them via social media is a great way to break up your list. You can make some assumptions about people who sign up via social media that are different which means you can try marketing to them differently.

Behaviour This is the best way to segment your list. When you segment your list based on list member behaviour you’ll have different lists based on the actions your audience takes. For example, if they downloaded your report about time management they will go on a list for people who downloaded that report. If they then buy something you’re promoting to that list, you’ll move them to yet another list.

Buying Cycle Another way to segment is based on where they are in their buying cycle. All your customers have a buying cycle. Some may have been curious for more information, some might have downloaded a freebie, or they may have purchased something.

Every Contact is Unique. If you can start thinking about your list members as individuals you’ll find it easier to market to them. You’ll be able to know just the right message to send them at any stage of their buying cycle.
Responsive List Members Another way is to separate them by how responsive they are. Do they open your emails? Do they click through to learn more? You can address them differently if you know they’re reading and put different subject lines if you know they’re not reading.

List segmentation is an important part of list building. You may need to try different methods to segment your list based on surveys, the freebie they download, the items they choose to purchase, how they interact with you on social media and more. That’s the great thing about email marketing. You can test numerous ideas without spending a lot of money or time setting it up.

Until next time….

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Want to run a referal system?

Looking to make a promotion?

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Further insight to create an internet business

Belated report on QSC week 4

Hi, got knocked a bit sideways after mum’s funeral. Trying to catch up with things as I have been absent for a while.

Personal challenge?

I was admitted to hospital coughing blood. Spent a total of five days in the hospital before they would let me out. Have been out of the hospital about two weeks now, feeling better but still low on energy though. Treatment is continuing as an out patient.

Back to work at the day job as well. Trying to get back into everything, gradually.

Week 4 of the QSC

What was week 4 all about? It seems so long ago.

Quick recap on week 3, simply ‘bridge pages’ see the last blog post for full details. List building, a key process that you will require.

So, now we have the process using the bridging page to create a list of emails. What do we do with them?

Automated Income Machine

We are going to need an automated  system to make, and keep, contact with the list – our subscribers. Or what we  should refer to as our audience, followers or tribe.

We need to nurture them so that they will come to Know Like and Trust us.

There are two possible ways to do this:

  • Broadcast messages
  • Automated follow ups

Automated is the answer, works even when you are sleeping. You have an autoresponder? NO!, well click here for convert kit.

With  an autoresponder  you can set up messages to be sent when the new subscriber signs up (whatever time of day or night that may be) and send follow up messages at predetermined times and days.

What to write about?

Remember, the purpose of these email messages is to get your audience to Know, Like and Trust (KLT) you. So, don’t bombard them with all the latest affiliate offers, but give practical and useful content. Tell them about you, give them some funny stories. And, some occasional promotion offers.

Generally  mix it up.

And this week’s challenge

The challenge for the third week is to set up an email sequence in our autoresponder. The sequence is to contain a minimum of 7 emails following the guidelines given.

Importantly, check that when subscribing that the first email is received by the new subscriber.


Final week activity asap.

Have to go now, until next time……

Leave a comment below…thanks

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Continuing: How to start your business

Reporting on week 3 of QSC

Hi there, Quick Start Challenge week three is soon upon us. We have got well into it this week, sorting out the brickwork, if you like, that is the main part of an internet business. The opt-in / thank you page combo, details further on.

Personal challenge this week?

This weeks personal challenge was the funeral. I had arranged for two days

Mum in good health

of, the Monday & Tuesday, but still needed to be there before for the last minute arrangements and to meet the other members of the family. Also, I had to deliver the eulogy, which I needed to write.

The weather the weekend was awful, lots of rain, no fun driving. On the day the weather was absolutely beutiful, bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Even the sun had come out to celebrate her life.

It was a special day for the family and friends…..

Week 3 of the QSC

This week we are looking at how to build a list, The List Building Engine. As mentioned the first week, traffic is the last step, we need the foundation and a stable platform first. This is what we are building:

  • Lay Foundation
  • Income Streams
  • List Building Engine
  • Automated Income Machine
  • Online Traffic Tap

Why do we need an email list?

This is your audience, the people that are interested in what you are doing. These are your potential customers. The people that listen to you, that you can talk to when you want to, not limited or controlled by some other traffic source.

In the IM market place there is a saying ‘the money is in the list’, this is the reason why. You will have your traffic that you are in full control of.

The mechanism to create this list has changed, see below.

 What is the List Building Engine?

The original technique was to have an opt-in page with a thank you page. A sort of give them a gift with the left hand, offer product with the right.

The List Building Engine takes this further and is made up of three parts:

Opt in Page

Has something that you are giving away, a lead magnet. The action is completed when the email address has been accepted. Which leads to

Bridging Page

A two step process that delivers the lead magnet (or confirms how it is to be delivered). PLUS a link to the offer (on the money page), the product you are selling as an affiliate or your own product. Ideally both of these products are related.

Money Page

The sales page, affiliate or own product.

And this weeks challenge?

Make your own List Building Engine. Simple really, sounds straight forward but is a challenge.

Have to go now, until next time…..

Leave a comment below….thanks

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How to get started with an Internet Business: The basics

Following on from last week, QSC

Hi, now in The Quick Start Challenge week two and how hectic everything has been outside of the course. The trick is to get started, and continue with your vision. This week had a different aspect to it, in some ways something you would not necessarily consider at this stage of your business. But, is worth reviewing at regular intervals, see further on.

What has been the challenge this week?

This weeks personal challenge has been getting he details of the service sorted out. Such things as the actual order of service, content and images approved by family members. Whilst completing the day job duties, quick discrete phone calls as necessary.

One problem was the music, identified the piece but it was not a ‘public’ recording – alternative had to be found.

Week 2 of the QSC

Week two turned out to be something different, but never the less fundamental for you in setting up your business. An open question ‘Why are you doing this’ and ‘What do you want out of it’. You need to be able to answer these questions:

  • Why you have started building an online business
  • What you want out of your business
  • What is your dream life
  • What is your monthly income goal to make it happen

Giving serious thought to the answers to these questions will give you the insight and wherewithal to overcome the hurdles in front of you.

Lets have a look at these questions.

What is the dream life?

How would you like to live? Where would you live? What sort of house do you want?

The answer will be determined to a certain extent, by your circumstances. Possibly for a younger person they may be able to move anywhere in the world. They have no current ties and have a lot of freedom of choice.

Whereas for an older person would perhaps have family ties, and would want to stay near to children and grandchildren. Their current house may even be adequate for their needs, and looking perhaps to have a better or more modern car.

Why I have started an online business?

Are you looking for a part time job? Giving up your current job?

That is do you want to supplement your income, or have a business that covers all your costs.

Or want to work from home, having spent a lot of time away from home, and got fed up with all of the travelling etc. One of the commonest reasons for starting their own business is to be your own boss.

What I want out of this business?

This question is answered in part by the above. The ability to live my dream life. But, fundamentally I want to live my life. To have the freedom to travel when and where I want to (working for a company means having to follow rules about having time off etc).

What is the number (monthly income)?

If you just plucked a figure out of the air then you might say 10,000 per month, or 100,000 per year. This figure would have no real meaning to you as there is no basis for it.

Once the above activities have been carried out properly then  the number can be properly calculated. The number then has more significance and a personal meaning.

Having done the research for the above you would now have a good idea of how much you would need to fund this life. Your number is the amount you need to make to live your life.

If you are looking for physical things, then put up some pictures/photos of what you desire near your computer

The Internet Marketing Evolution

Dean then gave us an insight into how Internet Marketing has evolved over the last decade. The reason why affiliate income has decreased and the subsequent drop in income.

Prices have dropped to a tenth of a decade ago.

A tripling in advertising costs.

More about this in a future blog….

This weeks challenge?

This weeks challenge is the Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge, what is your number?

Have to go now, until next time…..

Leave a comment below….thanks

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End of year 2017: New Year and Location

The cabin is complete: Just need to move in

Hi, we finally have the log cabin office completed, started last time. Just need to move in now and get everything set up and in place for the New Year. There is a lot of space and potential for several desks – admin, main and creative. Just need the time to set it up.

Break down of the work

Weekend snow
Snowfall, surprise

This is how we started out, snowfall over the weekend delayed the delivery and installation by a day…..

Clean the concrete then install the base and floor.

The base
Base for log cabin

Then bring round the logs that make up the building.

Looks a bit like some sort of puzzle, or child’s construction set.

Start laying out stacks of pieces. No sign of a plan or blueprint so far. Perhaps they have made a

New Year puzzle?
Puzzle pieces…
It's coming together
Well underway now

few of these before.

Doors and windows have channels ready for the walls to fit. Makes for a simple installation.

The cabin was completed in a day, just left the electrics to be sorted out.

It proved difficult to get someone to do the electrical installation, they were quite busy. I made a temporary setup to give some power in the cabin and to allow for limited heating. After a couple of weeks the electrical installation was completed.

I decided to lay a bamboo floor, which took me three days to lay. Just as I was finishing off with a photograph the

Floor in place
Bamboo floor done

inspector came round.

Everything is now complete, ready to move in.






Lessons for the New Year

This activity demonstrates that for success you need a strategy, the goals that you need to accomplish for the future. These goals may well change over time, better understanding of these goals and measurement of accomplishment will feedback into these adjustments.

The plan, is how you will accomplish these goals and set the appropriate measure for success.

I will be spending time setting my strategy and plan for the New Year, I will be here to pass on my thoughts next time.

Meanwhile keep up with what is happening here, sign up to know what is happening:

Interesting Articles


Hi, Brian Charles Jowers here,


I am trying out a new tool, which should help me to create new content for the blog. We will see how I get on with it as to how usefull it may be. This first post is to bring together a few articles I have found that may be of interest to you.


Enjoy the read, let me know what you think in the comments box below…



Are you looking to transition your existing business to digital, then check this article…


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This is an interesting survey of 44 experts, see the intro –


As 2017 draws to a close, we thought we’d ask a group of hand-picked, industry experts, which digital marketing channels they’ve seen the most success on throughout the year.


So, what’s been the most effective digital marketing channel in 2017?


The response was overwhelming, with 44 respected marketers taking time out of their busy days to share thoughtful, insightful – and in some cases surprising – observations.


Interestingly, SEO remains the favored marketing method of many digital marketing experts, with 30% of our contributors choosing it as their most effective digital marketing channel. A further 12% of experts found their best results using SEO in combination with another channel, such as social media, influencer, and content marketing.


Social media marketing proved to be the second most popular channel, with 23% of our experts choosing one of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, as their digital marketing weapon of choice. Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn proved to the most popular social media platform.


The third most effective digital marketing channel in 2017 according to our expert contributors was content marketing, with 20% of experts preferring this channel over any other.


See the full article below


44 Experts Reveal The Best Digital Marketing Channels of 2017

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And a final article..


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Decision Day: Quit

Today is my D Day:
Quit day job

Hi there folks, Brian Charles Jowers here, today is my Decision Day (D Day). I have had enough of travelling and working away from home, so I am going to work for myself, at home for a while.

What brought on Decision Day?

As I have said elsewhere, I have been contracting for nearly two decades, most of which has been miles away from home. Also, as a contractor I felt sort of obliged to work, only taking long weekends (working the required hours in four days) and a week or two at the end of the year. Minimum week would be three days.

I had been reflecting for several days:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Do I really want to get up before 4:00 am every Monday?
  • Do I really need to drive over 160 miles to get to work?
  • Do I really need to stay away from home during the week?
  • Etc

So the time had come to make a decision, probably the biggest decision I have made for some time.

Felt like I had been working there all that time…lots going on with family and at home so made the decision not to renew the contract: the equivalent of quitting from a permanent job.

The Bigger Plan

I have always wanted to work nearer to home, the opportunity to do so has become even less these days. This, has come about with a general contraction of the defence industry, together with restructuring and company acquisitions, making the available jobs further away.

Why not work from home?

Now, that is a good idea, just need a business set up, simple!

Why not set up the business now?

Brilliant idea. I am not currently going to work could take two or three months before having to look for another contract. Need somewhere with plenty of space, current office space is cramped.

I have this homemade summer hous at the bottom of the garden, set within a deck area.

Summer house and decking
Homemade summer house

It would take quite a bit of effort but….

Takes a lot of effort…

…. here is the base for a log cabin.


Concrete base
Ready made base

All ready to go:

  • Need the log cabin
  • Power connection
  • Broadband connection

And will be all set (and of course tidy up the garden)


Until next time…

Meanwhile, keep up with what is happening here..

How are you getting on? I would love to know how you are getting on, any difficulties you have overcome?

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