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Hi Brian here, latest news and updates.

I have been very busy of late. In the process of launching my Internet Marketing online training platform, This site is expected to be fully functional about the end of this month. At the time of writing we have two products available. New products will be added over the month. If you find a problem with the site please let me know so that we can fix it.

Meanwhile working on getting access to some IM tools and resources, depends how good a deal I can negotiate as to how this will be delivered.

Lastly the holiday season here is coming to an end. Schools are all starting the new academic year. Business is starting to settle down again into its own routine. I need to get back into the swing again.

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5 Quick Stress Busters: Serenity

Stress Busters: 5 Tips on how to handle stress at home, work

Hi, thanks for stopping by. There has been another event, I shall elucidate later, so after my last blog post about motivating customers to buy, you can catch here, there has had to be a quick change to my blog publishing program. The next blog subject had to be postponed because of a production difficulty with the intended support material. The topic is stress busters, which is quite relevant to what has been happening over the last few weeks.


What has been happening?

Oh you remember I said I had some important bike maintenance to do? Well, I did it on the Monday evening. Whilst I was preparing the bike for the MOT and service and had also given it a good clean, I was bitten/stung by some insect or other. On the Wednesday the back of my hand looked like it was wearing a boxing glove and my right arm was swelling up. Another trip to the doctors, antibiotics again.

Did not stop the cough and hoarse voice, that apparantly was caused by a viral infection. A follow up trip to the doctors for the cough and hoarse voice meant that i was referred to the hospital for investigation. A look at my larynx, via my nose with a camera/light found all was well, praise the Lord no unusual growth etc. The earlier chest X-ray has shown a shadow on my left lung, antibiotics again.


Here are 5 tips to help you on your way

Stress is fast becoming the biggest health problem in our modern society. There is so much pressure from , financial, work, family and if you have your own business – so much to do but so little time to do it all! Let’s have a look at five quick ways to ease the pressure and relieve stress:

1. Need a time out?

Make time to switch off from the daily trials and tribulations and get some time to relax every day. Just shut the world out and do something you enjoy. Reading, playing a musical instrument, taking a relaxing bath with music and candles (and maybe a glass of wine) are all great ways to unwind and will be extremely beneficial to your mental health.

Day Job, make sure you have a lunchbreak.

2. Feels like one thing on top of another?

If you’re dealing with a stressful situation and you have a lot on your plate, finding solutions can be very hard. You feel like you are caught up in the midst of a sandstorm and cannot see which way  to get out. One good idea is to get some distance between you and your problems so you can gather your thoughts. If possible, take a day or even a weekend away from your usual surroundings, somewhere away from it all, peaceful, and relax. Take a journal along so you can jot down any ideas that you may have. Distance away from problems can bring clarity, a chance to view from afar, and by relaxing, you’ll be calmer and solutions will come far easier than when you’re in the heat of battle.

Can’t get away, try working on some other problem/task for a while, coming back to it could bring a different insight.

3. Are you facing a change in your life?

One reason for becoming stressed is because of a change, or even a number of changes in their lives. Change is a constant in life, refusing to accept change can be a big cause of stress levels soaring. When you are faced with change, try and find the positives associated with the change, see it as an opportunity. Every change presents an opportunity for you to grow and there are always positives to find in even the most trying of circumstances. It is not the change brings stress, it’s all about how you react to change and if you react in a negative way, you will do yourself no end of harm.

4. Endless list of chores.

There always seems to be a never ending list of jobs that need doing: repairs around the home, paperwork, car maintenance, throwing out junk, cleaning the patio, weeding the garden – on and on and on! The more we try and put them off, the more the list grows and the more they contribute to your stress levels. So make a list of all of these chores and then schedule something I call a “Blitz Day”. On this day, you rise early and spend the whole day sorting out each of these jobs. Take only a few breaks and only have a quick bite at lunchtime and just blitz through these irritating but necessary tasks. This will get rid of them, you’ll lower the stress they cause but more importantly, you’ll realize just how effective and industrious you can be when you apply the full force of your will to accomplish things.

In business, create a prioritsed list of tasks, concentrate on the most important tasks first.

5. Treat yourself to a pamper day.

This is a day where you escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday living and get to enjoy some stress-free time. You’ll also feel great and give your well being a huge boost. On this day, do your favourite: have a light workout, a swim, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, or a steam room for example. A massage would be nice and if you have access to one, a Turkish baths will give you an invigorating experience. Try to do this at regular intervals, it is an excellent stress-buster.

These 5 Tips here will help you to get started to significantly reduce your stress levels, but they’ll only work for you if you put them into action.

All the best for now….until next time.


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