Announcing firmware updates for the 6-Series and A10 System | Technology For Worship Magazine

Reedsburg, WI, – Sound Devices is pleased to announce firmware v4.60 for the 6-Series, v2.60 for the Audio Limited A10 System, and the A-FLIP accessory.
Version 4.60 features Auto-Mute for the 688 and 633. Auto-Mute silences the AUX output of the 633 or 688 while in stop mode and will resume output during record and playback. Additionally, the 688 and SL-6 now support use of the A-FLIP and the Lectrosonics SRc-941 as a SuperSlot receiver.
“Auto-Mute is a long-requested feature that we are happy to offer for the 6-Series,” said Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design at Sound Devices. “With Auto-Mute, only relevant material is output during Record and Playback.”
Version 2.60 for the A10 System offers system enhancements, reduces tuning time of the system, and supports the new A-FLIP. This adapter can be attached to any A-SL to change the orientation of the A10-RX, adding flexibility to the A10 System.
Firmware updates for the A10-System can be found   here   and 6-Series can be found   here . To learn more about the A-FLIP visit  Audio Limited .

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Why we need to rethink education in the artificial intelligence age – Rural Economy Technology

Some Brookings Institute insight into the future of US education with the recognition that our education system is not meeting the STEM challenge, nor are our communications networks, especial in rural areas and low-income neighborhoods meeting the challenge. Without Government initiatives, the US is falling behind and our global leadership is at stake.

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Anveshana – Winners 2019 | Shridevi Institute of Engineering & Technology

Students of SIET have won 3rd and 4th Prize in Anveshana 2019 Science Project Competition organised Agasthya Foundation, Bengaluru During Feb 2019.
Ramyashree and Team from SIET ECE have won 3rd Prize with Cash Award of Rs. 25,000/- (Above Picture)
Chethan and Team from SIET EEE have won 4th Prize with Cash Award of Rs. 15,000/- (Above Picture)

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News and Updates

Hi Brian here, latest news and updates.

I have been very busy of late. In the process of launching my Internet Marketing online training platform, This site is expected to be fully functional about the end of this month. At the time of writing we have two products available. New products will be added over the month. If you find a problem with the site please let me know so that we can fix it.

Meanwhile working on getting access to some IM tools and resources, depends how good a deal I can negotiate as to how this will be delivered.

Lastly the holiday season here is coming to an end. Schools are all starting the new academic year. Business is starting to settle down again into its own routine. I need to get back into the swing again.

Until next time….

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Epstein students win at technology competition – Reporter Newspapers – Stock Sector

Six Epstein School students in Sandy Springs placed took home awards March 9 at the 2019 Georgia Student Technology Competition, a statewide competition now in its 18th year. Students Heather Grant and Marion Kogon took home first place in the productivity design category for grades 5 and 6, according to an Epstein press release. Jordan…

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IT&N’s innovation to fast track student allowance payment – Mangosuthu University of Technology

The Department of Information Technology and Networks (IT&N) has collaborated with the University of Zululand (UniZulu) to create a new student allowance payment system. Applications Manager in the IT&N department, Sherwin Mudaly, said “the major benefit of the system was that students are now going to be paid in real time. It was developed to pay student allowance payments directly into the student bank account. It will replace a system that is still dependent upon manual work,” said Sherwin. The new system is expected to be implemented soon.
Other universities are already showing interest in using the new system and have made enquiries to the IT company Adapt IT who built the new system. Adapt IT has recognized the innovative thinking that stemmed between MUT and UniZulu, and has already rewarded MUT with 50 system development hours equivalent R74 000 in monetary terms. Sherwin said IT&N has already started the planning processes to use these hours for new ITS system innovations in to provide improved system work flow processes to the MUT community. Posted in MUT News

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